Keelee & Kiah



The History of K Brae Shelties

My introduction to Shetland sheepdogs began in 1974 in Olean New York. Newly married, my husband Rollie and I needed to find a small dog that met the approval of our landlord. We went to a local B Match and ended up watching, with fascination, a little Sheltie competing her heart out. It was love at first sight. The search was on. In February 1975 I purchased my first Sheltie, who became Calcurt Lucy CD, from Calcurt Kennels. After purchasing our home in 1975, I purchased my first show quality brood bitch, Badgerton Kasseopia from June Korenko of Badgerton Kennels. Kassy gave us two beautiful litters sired by Judy Brown Kelsey's Dury Voe Drambuie. A 1978 move to Southern California and the focus on obtaining my BA in journalism from California State University Northridge, put my breeding program on hold. In 1985 I purchased my first bi-black Sheltie from Cee Bar Kennels. She became Cee Bar's Raven Bi Ligature CD. Raven had one litter with Ch. Cee Bar Blue On Blue. Shadowfax Midnight Blue CD (Laddie Boy) was from that litter. The premature birth of our son Josef and a  move to Vacaville in Northern California, again derailed my breeding program. Daughter Mikkel's birth in 1990, a divorce in 1998, and earning my MA in English from California State University Sacramento in 2003, all delayed my return to breeding Shelties. However, throughout this time, I continued training obedience classes and remained active in obedience and later Rally competition. I just did not have the time to devote to a breeding program.

K Brae Shelties was founded in 2004 with the purchase of puppies Lock Queen of Taps RN (Keelee), Lock's Storm Warning (Kiah) from Marie & Ken Sealock of Sealock Shelties and Odyssey K Brae Knight Emrys RN (Kermit) from Kim Wyatt of Odyssey Shelties. The three K names are the K in K Brae. Keelee and Kermit produced one litter in 2006. That litter gave us K Brae Merri Little Pixie BN, PCD, CD, RA, CGCA (Sprite) and K Brae Shady Lady BN, PCD, CD, RA, CGCA (Lady). Close friend Karen Glover purchased Lady as a pup from me and not wanting to develop a breeding program on her own, asked to join K Brae Shelties. In 2006 I purchased Belmark Poetic Justice (Jack) from Bella Thompson at Belmark Kennels. Jack decided to keep growing and went oversize. But having the sweetest temperament in the world, he is still a cherished member of our family. In 2007 Karen purchased Belmark In A New York Minute CGC (Zoom) from Bella. Lady and Zoom produced one litter in 2008. That litter produced K Brae's Black Indigo Knight RN, CGC (Indy). In 2011 Keelee and Zoom produced a litter of three girls; K Brae's Keltic Sealocket CGC (Kelsea), K Brae's Keltic Imagination BN, RN, CGCA  1 Am. pt. (Kimmie) who lives with Karen, and K Brae's Kaikalani Kai Lei CGC(Kai Lei). In June 2013 I purchased Belmark Soleil Noir CGC, 2 Am. pts. (Punky) from Belmark. We added Punky's daughter K Brae's Evenstar CGCA(Ember) from a singleton litter to our household on November 27, 2016 and she came into the world a real spitfire. We also added a young hopeful from Belmark, Belmark Attridge Indian Ink, last year 2017, as a show prospect, but he unfortunately grew oversized so he is in now in training for an obedience career.

K Brae is a small kennel and our Shelties are first and foremost, members of our family. Some of our dogs live with me and some live with Karen. We are active participants in obedience, Rally and conformation and strive to produce Shelties that meet the criteria of the breed standard. We focus on producing dogs that are good family companions and can compete in both performance and breed rings.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our Shelties or Shelties in general. We look forward to hearing from you.


Susan Sakala

Karen Glover